Fauna | Beneath the Frost
Fauna | Beneath the Frost Recap
Fauna | Lili K Pre-promo
Fauna | Lili K post-promo
Fauna | Half Acre
Bohemian Chemistry | Find your Chemistry
Bohemian Chemistry | Bath Bombs
Bohemian Chemistry | Process
Android Announcement | Olio City
Solemn Oath Brewery | Oath Day 2017
Off-Kilter. X Flats Studios promo
Workshop Series | Maze of Glass by The Roseline
Workshop Series | Justin Klaas
New Gotham Coffee x Sawada Coffee
New Gotham Throwdown at Ipsento 606
New Gotham Coffee | Chi TNT 2016
Off-Kilter. x Sister City Studio x Maybe Sunday
Justin Klaas | You Always Knew
off-kilter | session two.

Featuring Justin Klaas

Shot and edited by Caleb Hamernick for off-kilter mag
See more at offkiltermag.com

Session 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCsyezhBnp0&list=PLv7PQUCvdPZSt81Z5lLtiTSOfBKeTrX-H

off-kilter. | Session one. Feat. Ezra Ezra

The first of the sessions videos I put together for off-kilter mag.
Shot and edited by Caleb Hamernick

Coffee with Felton

This is a small promo project for a video series that was never released.

Shot and edited on iPhone.

Please Meet. | Off-Kilter Magazine Promo
Justin Klaas Live at Bowtruss
Austin Swearengin | Live at Bowtruss
Doby Watson | Live at Bowtruss
Ty Maxon | Live at Bow Truss

This is a video I shot and edited for Circus Magazine with the help of Javier Suárez.

Felton Kizer is a Chicago born and raised photographer. He is the embodiment of a life spent in thoughtful creation. He saw that there needed to be a space to showcase peoples work. These people are only defined by one thing; their work.

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